about me 01


Hi, my name is Marie and I live in Kosta outside Växjö. My daughter Sandra is born 1990 and she lives in Växjö. Right now I have 4 Saluki and one Chart polski. We used to have a cat "Linus" that was born on May 5th 1992 and lived to September 16th 2009. He became 17 years and 4 months. 
The first time I ever saw a saluki (that I can remember) was when my dad brought me to the show "Stora Stockholm". I was 12 years old. I completly fell in love with the breed and decided that I shall have one when I got older...

When I was 13 we bought an American Cocker Spaniel, a black one and I went to obedience class with him. Find that rather booring so my dad took over and finally he was champion... Sadly he only lived about 8 years.  
When I was 30 I thought it was time to get a dog of my own. My daughter was seven at that time and I thought that was a good age to bring a dog into our home. I visit a girl that lived near me and looked at her 3 salukis. I just wanted to be sure that I still wanted that breed. Of course I did. They were all wonderful. 


So I went home and called all breeders that have dogs seeking new homes. I didn't want a puppy at that time. Al-Shên Salukis had a 5½ months old male, grizzle, that was perfect. So in january 1998 Al-Shên Zakr El Masri, "Assam" moved in with us. Assam has LC licens but was never in the top on competitions but he loved it. In the showring didn't it go so well so I stop showing him. He left us almost 13 years old.

After a while I was thinking of a puppy. In february 1999 Khalils Salukis had a litter with a cute red male. In april 1999 Khalils Jauz Ibn Dahaqin, "Jauzzim" entered our lives. Jauzzim had also LC license, but competed most for fun. I went to several shows with him, but he did only get a male placement per year and always right behind the CC. Unfortunatly Jauzzim became sick and left us in 2006, almost 7 years old.  

In 2003 I have figured out what "kind" of saluki I liked. And when I heard that Abu Baqr's Salukis had a litter planned I called Jill as fast as I could. Of course I could buy one puppy from them. Abu Baqr's Fazilat Zud, "Zudden" was my pick of the litter. At Zuddens first show, 4 months and 1 week old, he went BIS puppy at the Sighthound special in Tånga Hed and he was also picked out for best movements. He has done well in the showring, almost always won his class. He has only one Swedish cc but since he became Lithuanian Champion he automatically was Swedish Champion. He's not showned so much in Championclass. Zudden has also LC license and we have been to the racing track also. I have decided not to let him compete in LC or racing, he's going to run just for fun. On the Swedish Saluki Clubs open show 10th of October 2009 Zudden was BIS-2 Progeny Group. Sadly Zudden got cancer when he was 9½ years old so we had to say goodbye to him.

In august 2008 Dabka's Francine, "Francis" came into our lives. I had seen her on SvSR's homepage that she was seeking a new home and called the owner right away. The day after the owner called me and said that I could have her. She is a wonderful bitch, so funny and fits us super so I'm glad I called about her. She has LC license and have 4 LC CC's. During the fall 2008 Francis got her Racing Track license.

I have shown Francis a little and she has many placements in the classes. At Lövudden 25th of July 2009 she was placed reserve (5) out of 13 bitches in working class. She has also been shown in Denmark with nice results. BOS and Best bitch placements, CACIB & R-CACIB and she has also been BIS workingdog twice.

In december 2008 a litter was born at Djelal Salukis with my Zudden as sire. When I went to have a look at the litter I fell in love with a gorgeous grizzle girl. In the end of january 2009 Djelal Beautiful Jade, "Jadi" moved in with us. I have showed her just a few times in puppyclass with good results on two Sighthounds specials, BOS puppy at Bosjökloster and Lövudden.

On the 17th of january 2010 I did mate Dabka's Francine with the good looking male SBIS Nord CH WW-10 Dahaqin Asiq Ajaban. On the 18th of march our F-litter was born, 9 puppies, 3 boys and 6 girls. All puppies got loving homes and it shall be very fun to follow their development and their lifes in the new familys. I am very pleased with the whole litter and it was not easy to choose just one but I finally decided me and my pick of the litter is the tricoloured girl Ta'zim Fairuhz Fellah, "Ruhzin". She was BOB & BIS at Skokloster Summer Show on SvSR and BOB & BIS-3 at the same show on SvVK.

I have for about 10 years looked at another breed, Chart Polski (Polish sighthound). In 2012 Sweden did change our importregulations so finally that dream came through. On the 13th of january Nastolka Arcturus, "Szafran" did come and live with us. She is so sweet and outgoing and it shall be fun to follow this new breed and see her grow up, go to shows and also try some lure coursing with her in the future. She has been showed in Denmark and Finland and has 1 CC in each country.

On April 14th 2012 PL CH Djelal Beautiful Jade got 4+4 puppies with C.I.B FI BY RU CH Ghazal Alfarana Khaos. My choice in the litter was Ta'zim Gaia Gemmilah, "Gemmah". 2of the boys moved to Finland, one lives with his daddy. 1 girl did move all the way to Slovakia and she got Crufts qualification for 2014. I am so proud... All puppies looks so good and I am very pleased with all of them.

On March 29th 2013 SE & DK CH DK V-12 Dabka's Francine got 4+6 puppies with handsome C.I.B Badavie Konquestador. I will just keep one bitch on breeding terms this time. Our choice in this litter is Ta'zim Hiilah Hannadih. 2013 Francis did move to Marie Gadolin were she lived until she died in summer 2017.

On February 18th 2014 PL CH DK VW-17 Djelal Beautiful Jade got 2+1 puppies with DK CH Volante's Cesano that lives in Denmark. This time I choose to keep the sweet little creamgirl at my house. Her namne is Ta'zim Ihlaah Isharat. She got the junior winnertitle at the big show in Stockholm, SE JW-14. Her first year at lure coursing (2015) she gained 2 CAC and ended up as best Salukibitch No 5 that year. Sadly she was attacked at the last trial for the year and has some trouble running with other Salukis. She was runner-up LC Championship Winner 2017 and LC Championship Winner 2018 (she did run alone at these competitions). Sadly I lost Jadi in may 2018 when she got disch rupture in the neck and had to much pain and the medication didn't help her.

On May 1st 2015 SE CH DK CH Ta'zim Fairuhz Fellah got 3+2 puppies with  C.I.B El-Ubaid's Quadham that lives in Lithuania. I kept a tricolourbitch named Ta'zim Jarah Jewanah. A sweet little girl that don't like running lure coursing...

On April 17th 2017 C.I.B NORD CH NO CH DK Klb JCH Ta'zim Gaia Gemmilah got 6+4 puppies with NORD CH Elamir Sao José. From litter I kept a tricolourbitch named Ta'zim Kiiwah. When the puppies was 4 months old Gemmah sadly died when she was out in the forest running and having fun. She was only 5½ years old and it was a big chock for me. Kiiwah has so much energy and at 18 months (november 2018) she gained her lure coursing license.

In December 2017 I was so lucky to find a tricolourbitch, born April 1st 2017, that needed a new home. Her name is KBH W-18 KBH JW-18 Yalameh Radija Tahmina and she is from Germany but was rehomed from Denmark. Radija and Kiiwah is the best of friends and have so much fun together. Radija has already done well in the showrings and has, at 19 months, 1 CAC in Sweden and 2 in Denmark and she has also gained two titles, Copenhagen Winner 2018 and Copenhagen Juniorwinner 2018.